Monday, January 16, 2012

Investing in Forex

The benefits of a Jeffrey Brandes Forex Managed Account:

FinFX is very pleased to offer a highly competitive long-term partnership program for Money Managers.

As a money manager, I may start managing portfolios of individual or institutional investors. By partnering with FinFX I am given an opportunity to manage client funds and benefit from the trading. When I chose FinFX to manage my client assets, you can rest assured all trades are transmitted to markets STP (straight through processing). FinFX is connected to multiple banks using PrimeXM based bridge and Integral Multi Bank FX Grid as a liquidity provider.

The benefits of the FinFX Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) are:
Live P&L data for clients
Daily/instant reports on individual accounts
Multiple account management directly from MetaTrader4 Client Terminal
Unlimited trading accounts
One-click order execution
Different allocation methods
Full SL/TP functionality
Flexible trading options

As a money manager, I can make trades personally or use EAs that enables me to apply different trading strategies. Money managers are free to establish performance % fee- or pip-based remuneration structure at their discretion.

Besides excellent STP execution, FinFx offers access to the sophisticated trading platform Power Trader for the professional traders. Their PAMM model also maintains high security standards for the clients of money managers. The client authorizes money manager via a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute trades on behalf of the client while keeping 100% ownership right for its funds. Client’s account is virtually connected to the money manager’s trading account in a way all the trades done by the money manager are reflected in the client’s account.

FinFx Customer Service and Back-office support are dedicated to providing full management support to their money managers and their clients. All of their partners are provided with the informative reports on the daily-, monthly-, and yearly-based system that enables them to analyze client database regularly.

By choosing FinFX to perform my management services, I chose the best environment to demonstrate my high trading skills and experience

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